Misdemeanor Bail Bond For Henrico, Richmond, & Chesterfield VA

ACME Bail Bonding provides quick, discreet, and affordable misdemeanor bail services for people who have been arrested for a misdemeanor crime. Misdemeanors are typically lesser crimes, but they still require defendants to appear for court and typically still require a misdemeanor bond to get out of jail between court dates.

Work with our licensed bondsman when you or a loved one requires a misdemeanor bail bond. We specialize in all misdemeanor charges and can help you get the paperwork handled quickly. Our team works with clients living throughout the communities of Henrico, Richmond, Hanover, and Pamunkey, Virginia.

Person Wearing Handcuffs in Richmond, & Chesterfield VA

Misdemeanor Bonds & What to Expect

The punishment for a misdemeanor is usually up to one year in jail, but can fluctuate depending on your specific case. Some misdemeanors can end up with fines, probation, or community service, but whatever the outcome the defendant will still have to remain in jail until their court date if they do not attain a misdemeanor bail bond.
While misdemeanors might seem like they aren't as important as some other crimes, the accused should always address the situation as a serious formal matter that must be addressed in court. The defendant must appear for their court dates while on a misdemeanor bond just as they would in a felony case or the bond can be revoked.

The Misdemeanor Bail Process

From the moment you contact our bail bond company we will begin working towards helping you get the bond you need to get yourself or your loved one out of jail. We will ask you a few quick questions to begin the misdemeanor bail bond process, including the defendant's full name, the amount of the bond, the defendant's birthdate, and when they were arrested. 

Once we have the information and the bond is approved, we will provide you with the necessary forms to fill out, including our easy-to-understand contract, so we can submit the bail bond to the court. It takes a great deal of responsibility when it comes to using a bail bond and we work to make sure you know all of the rules and regulations that come with it.

Contact us when you have been arrested for a misdemeanor. Our misdemeanor bail bond services help your loved one get out of jail within two hours after they become eligible for bail. Our services are available to customers living throughout the communities of Henrico, Richmond, Hanover, and Pamunkey, Virginia.