Felony Bail For Henrico, Richmond, & Chesterfield, VA

Felony charges are serious business and it is important for the accused to be able to properly setup their case outside of a jail cell when possible. ACME Bail Bonding's felony bail services are designed to help clients that are facing these severe accusations out of jail once it becomes possible. These felony bail bonds provide important assistance to those looking at facing serious jail time.

When you work with our felony bail bondsman, you can trust that the entire process will be handled flawlessly from our end. We navigate all of the issues that can pop up when processing felony bail. Come to us if you or a loved one has been accused of a felony crime in the Henrico, Richmond, Hanover, and Pamunkey, Virginia, area and need to make bail.

Court House in Richmond, & Chesterfield VA

What Makes Felony Bail Bonds Unique

The key to understanding what makes a felony bail bond different from other types of bail bonds is to first learn about felonies themselves. A felony is a crime that carries a much longer sentence than other types of crimes, and can even lead to life imprisonment or the death penalty.
Being arrested for a felony crime is a serious accusation that can forever change your life, even if you are declared innocent by the end of the trial. Additionally, the bail for these types of crimes is usually substantially higher than the bail amounts for lesser crimes. You must work with a skilled, professional felony bail bondsman when dealing with bail bonds for this type of crime to ensure the fastest results.

Felony Bail Bondsman Ready to Help You

When you work with one of our sympathetic felony bail bondsmen, you are ensuring that the situation will be handled with the same speed and reliability that we use when we approach any other type of bail bond. Bail bonds are always required in cases handling felonies, and the bail is set during a hearing designed specifically to address this concern. Once your bail is set, you or a loved one should contact our felony bail specialists to learn the best options available for getting you out of jail.

Contact us when you need to make bail after being arrested for a felony. Our felony bail bondsman works with customers from throughout the communities of Henrico, Richmond, Hanover, and Pamunkey, Virginia, to help them with their felony bail services.